Mort: Titans have a pretty good grade on Blake Bortles

blake bortles 2It sounds like the Tennessee Titans could end up targeting Blake Bortles if he falls to them in this week’s NFL Draft.

  • Zack Phillips

    Wow there’s a shocker!!!! Titans have a pretty good grade on Bortles, so that means Bortles is the next TN Titan franchise QB!!! GIVE ME A BREAK!!!! This isn’t news, anyone paying attention to this soap opera called “The NFL Draft.. Episode 1… Morons of the Mock Drafts”, would know Bortles is rated well by almost every friggin team!!! Does that mean every team is gonna draft him??? Nope. What it means is that he’s got a good draft rating and will go somewhere in the first round. While I won’t say the Titans wouldn’t draft him if he’s there… I will say that Lockers health figures to finally be on track and better. Therefore, there isn’t a QB in this draft that’s actually better or will be better than Locker. I still believe Jake Locker is a pro-bowl QB in this league and I believe it’s with The Titans. Unlike many Titans fans, NFL coaches/scouts, and sports reporters/bloggers… I’ve had the priveledge of watching Locker since he was in High School back in Woodland WA and as the stud QB for the Washington Huskies where he lit up what was The Pac 10. There’s 1 play that I believe has always spoke volumes for Locker. His final game for the UW was at the Holiday Bowl in San Diego where he went head to head with Prince Amukamara now with the Giants. Locker took of on a run with only Prince between he and the end zone. Both players lowered their shoulders and the very next scene was Prince’s feet in the air and Locker roaring like a gladiator in the end zone. That play showed more heart and determination to win than any other young that’s now in the NFL