Mort: Raiders seriously thinking about drafting Geno Smith

There have been rumors over the past couple of months that the Raiders are interested in possibly drafting former West Virginia quarterback Geno Smith with the third overall pick.

According to ESPN’s Chris Mortensen, the Raiders are serious about selecting Smith in the first round of next months draft.

“They’re thinking about Geno Smith seriously, I believe,” said Mort, per Evan Silva of Rotoworld.



  1. Anonymous says

    This is a joke if the raiders sign this guy 2013 down the drain he’s not even gonna start in 2013 that means all the F/A signings were for not yah lets sign all these good defensive players so we can draft a quarterback who can’t start for 2 seasons awesome thoughts Mortensen

  2. James says

    I agree… No Geno Smith. Get Sharriff or Loteui (sp) that can start NOW and get Palmer to get a salary reduction and snag a 3rd stringer QB from somewhere. Pryor as number 2 guy maybe making his way to number one. I would add Winslow and a top receiver

  3. Anonymous says

    Geno Smith is good but doesn’t have the wow factor. Either trade the pick away for more draft picks or go after Sharriff. This years draft prospects are a little week. There are about 6 top players in this years draft that can make an immediate impact.

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