Mort: If Mike Shanahan is retained, he could have Kirk Cousins start in 2014

ESPN’s Chris Mortensen was a guest on Mike and Mike in the Morning on Thursday and indicated that if the Redskins end up keeping head coach Mike Shanahan for next season,  he could end up going with Kirk Cousins as his starting quarterback and not Robert Griffin III.

“If Mike Shanahan comes back and Mike Shanahan says it’s OK for him to come back….Let’s remember,  Mike will come back as long as he’s allowed to make the quarterback decision in 2014,  whether that’s Robert Griffin III or Kirk Cousins.  If he thinks Kirk Cousins is the better quarterback,  then Kirk Cousins is going to be the quarterback,” said Mort.



  • kingjamesfan

    That ain’t going to happen Mort. As long as Dan Snyder is the owner of the Washington Redskins (aka Washington Bravehearts) then his golden boy that he gave the world for will be the starting QB in Washington. The only reason that Cousins is playing right now is to trade him and try and get back at least 1 of those draft picks they gave up for RG3. If Shanahan ends up coaching another NFL team next season ( Minnesota, Houston, or Oakland but I doubt Oakland) then I could see Cousins as his starting QB but not in Washington.