Morris Claiborne: Monte Kiffin jumps around like he’s “27 years old”

morris claiborne

Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett feels like cornerback Morris Claiborne has learned a lot since last season.

“I think he’s much further along than when he showed up here last year,” Garrett said last month after the Cowboys ended their OTAs, via “He’s a good football player, very talented. Like with all rookies, there’s a lot to learn when you get here. I think he’s done a good job learning from the experiences he had as a player last year.”

Claibborne is keeping an open mind now that he’s going into his second season with a new defensive coordinator for the second straight year

“Changing the defense could be for the good,” said Claiborne, a former standout at Fair Park High Medical Centers Magnet High School in Shreveport. “We’re just trying to buy into the system as a whole unit, go out and try to win some ballgames.”

Claiborne says Kiffin’s age (72) is not a big deal.

“I hear guys saying he’s too old, and we should be wearing leather helmets and all that type of stuff,” Claiborne said. “If you go into the meetings with him and on the field with this guy, you’d think he was 27 years old. He runs around. He’s always upbeat, and we feed off of that. He’s always screaming, hollering, jumping around like he’s 27 years old.”