Morris Claiborne expects himself to be better in his second season

Dallas Cowboys’ cornerback Morris Claiborne was taken with the sixth overall pick in last years draft. With someone taken that high it is natural for the team to expect more than 1 interception out of the player. Before the team said anything (publicly at least), Claiborne has taken it upon himself to speak out on his struggles last year.

Through Calvin Watkins of ESPN Dallas, Claiborne was asked if he’ll improve this season.

I expect a big jump for myself, and play way different than last year

Claiborne goes on to elaborate on how he will play different.

I felt that I needed to do it to help my game, as well. I felt a little bit last year like I was losing receivers at the top of the break and not being in front of them enough at the line of scrimmage. That was a big emphasis that I wanted to do in the offseason

It is great that Claiborne is owning up to the fact that he has to play better. The Cowboys have a secondary that could use more turnovers and they just might see that from Claiborne this season. Nothing will come easy in a very tough NFC East.










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