Morris Claiborne benched in favor of Orlando Scandrick

The Dallas Cowboys have benched cornerback Morris Claiborne as he struggles to play through a shoulder injury that’s  hampered his performance on the field.

Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett says Claiborne has been struggling with his technique.

“I think it’s probably a combination,” Garrett said via “Technically, you go back at each of the completions against him and you say, ‘Hey, you should do this. You should do that.’ But I also think confidence, playing that position, is critical. And usually those two things work hand in hand. When you’re playing technically sound and you have ability, you tend to have more and more confidence because you’re in the right place. They went to him too much in this ballgame, and they were too effective. He’s just got to play better, and he will play better.”

One NFC personnel guy says Claiborne has a hard time locating the football, per Calvin Watkins.

“He’s a good cover guy with top-flight weight, height and speed to cover, but he gets lost trying to find the ball. He disrupts the ball, but he’s not a ball hawk.”

Garrett says Claiborne’s game has to be more sound.

“It’s a challenging position,” Garrett said. “The quarterbacks and receivers in this league are very good. Guys at the college level, they don’t face the expertise or just the level of play, the level of skill that these guys have, so sometimes if you’re a more talented player, you can get away with being a little late to the ball because you can come back. The ball’s not really where it’s supposed to be. But guys in this league throw the ball on time. They throw it where they want to throw it. The route running is good. So technically you just have to be really, really sound to give yourself a chance to succeed out there, because you’re by yourself.”

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