Miles Austin knows his days in Dallas may be numbered

miles austin


Cowboys wide receiver Miles Austin understands that his time in Dallas may soon be over with his cap number shooting up over $8 million next season.

“There’s new people coming into the league every year. People leaving the league every year. That’s just the way the system goes,” Austin said, via “To be naive of the fact, you’re lying to yourself. At the end of the day, I will continue to work and continue to work. Our team goals are above my own.”

If rookie Terrance Williams can come in and become an immediate contributor,  there won’t be any doubt that Austin will be playing somewhere else in 2014.



  1. bill says

    instead of looking to dump a good player with a nagging injury, how about getting him back in physical condition to be a asset to the cowboys.. everyone can see the great job he does when healthy.. otherwise I am sure there are 2 new York teams who would love a local player of his caliber.

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