Mike Wallace turned down more money from the Vikings to sign with the Dolphins

mike wallaceMike Wallace’s father claims his son was ready to get out of the cold weather and head down to Miami to play for the Dolphins.  He says the Vikings told Wallace that he doesn’t have to live in Minnesota, they just want him to play for them.

“The [Vikings] had come to the point where they were telling him, ‘You don’t have to live here, just be here during the season,’ ” Wallace’s father, Mike Jr., said by phone this week. “He wanted to get out of that snow and cold weather.”

Wallace’s father also said his son turned down a larger offer from the Vikings to sign with the Dolphins.

The Vikings offered more, according to Mike Jr. , but Wallace said no thanks. The Rams and Seahawks were among the teams he said also expressed interest. The feeling apparently was not mutual.

“[Miami] feels like home,” Mike Wallace III told The Miami Herald on Thursday. “I’m just excited for a new start. On to the next chapter.”

I don’t blame Wallace for choosing the Dolphins over the Vikings and leaving some money on the table.  Miami is in a better position to win now and the weather is a lot more pleasant..


  1. Jason says

    Let me get this straight…miami has a better chance to win now? The Vikings went 10-6 an won a wild card spot im sorry what was Miami’s record last year?

  2. Tony says

    Does he not realize that IF they make it to the playoffs, they wouldn’t be a high enough seed to host a playoff game, so they would have to still go to New England or Baltimore and play in the cold?

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