Mike Wallace turned down $76 million from the Vikings

Even though Dolphins wide receiver Mike Wallace signed a five-year, $60 million contract, it turns out he ended up leaving some money some money on the table by signing in Miami.

“In free agency, with so many great guys, when you get the prize deal, it’s always a good feeling,” Wallace told USA TODAY Sports after Wednesday’s minicamp practice. “I just wanted to be happy. Money isn’t everything. A lot of people last year, when I held out in Pittsburgh, took it the wrong way, felt like I was just being greedy.”

Wallace’s father told USA Today Sports that his son turned down a contract worth $76 million.

“I know this: He’s going to give Miami their money’s worth,” Wallace’s father said. “Dolphins fans are going to love him. He worked hard and deserved everything he got. So don’t call him selfish.”

Mike said he chose the Dolphins because he felt like they could get him a Super Bowl ringer quicker.

“I performed so well for so long, I just wanted to be well compensated,” he said. “I feel I got a bad rep. Free agency paid off for me. But it was bittersweet. The money is not all I’m in it for. I want to be a great player — win Super Bowls, go to Pro Bowls continuously.”


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