Mike Wallace more than just a deep threat according to his teammates

Everyone knows how good Miami Dolphins receiver Mike Wallace is as a deep threat. In fact, since Wallace as been in the NFL, he leads the league in catches of 40-yards or more. While many might think that Wallace can only be used as a deep receiver, you’d be wrong according to his teammates.

Via the Miami Herald, his teammates praise Wallace for his ability to catch the ball on short routes.

What was impressive to see was what [Mike Wallace] can do with the ball [on short patterns],” Moore said. “Everyone talks about the deep routes, but Ben Roethlisberger would sometimes get him the ball quickly and just let him go

The Dolphins’ cornerbacks described Wallace as not being “a one-trick pony”.

Richard Marshall said: “He runs better routes than some might think.” And Brent Grimes added: “It’s not, ‘If I can’t get the deep ball, I can’t do anything else.’ He has good hands, can run other routes. He’s not a one-trick pony.

It is going to be interesting watching the Dolphins’ offense this season. If the second year quarterback can make the jump that his coaches and teammates are expecting him to make, their offense has the potential to make the team a top contender to win the AFC East.

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