Mike Wallace intends on doing more than catching passes for the Dolphins

mike wallace 3


Wide receiver Mike Wallace understands that the Miami Dolphins are not only looking for play-makers, but also leaders for their football team.

“I just have to lead more, lead by example more, not just go out and think I can just play my game and that’ll be all I need to do,” said Wallace, via the Sun-Stentinel

Wallace admits he didn’t have to be a leader in Pittsburgh because of all the veterans they had.

“Out there [in Pittsburgh] we had so many great leaders that I really didn’t have to say too much, I really didn’t have to do too much, just go out and do my job.

“But here, I have to do my job and motivate at the same time.”

Wallace is also working on leading off the field as well.  He met with Miami Mayor Tomas Regalado to talk about how he can help the local community.