Mike Wallace: I should have had 15-20 more touchdowns this season

Dolphins wide receiver Mike Wallace told the Miami Heraldthat he should have had a lot more touchdowns this past season if they worked harder last offseason to get on the same page. He admits he has to get with Ryan Tannehill every month during the offseason.

“We have to,” Wallace said. “Definitely have got to get the deep ball going. That’s the difference between winning and losing a couple games. I should have had 15 or 20 more touchdowns. And that’s being modest. If you press me, you have no shot to cover me. Once I get you to stop your feet, it’s over.”


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    One trick pony Wallace speaks. lol He knows very well he should have been doing that right after he signed that contract and instead, he lived for the now and enjoyed the money instead of working on his game with his new QB.

    He came into camp thinking he would just play pitch and catch with his new QB. Our very average Sanders who will be on his way out as an FA played better that Wallace and that 60 mill contract.

    he knows better and his maturity level needs improvement. When he realizes he’ll never have 15 to 20 td’s in a season with the Dolphins until he becomes a better route runner and plays hard on EVERY play…..that will be a good start.

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