Did Mike Tomlin try to trip or obstruct Jacoby Jones?

mike tomlin

During Thursday night’s game between the Steelers and Ravens it looked like Pittsburgh head coach Mike Tomlin attempted to slow down or trip up Baltimore kick returner Jacoby Jones.

You can check out the video here.

Tomlin is clearly trying to obstruct Jones.  I would be surprised if the NFL doesn’t fine him.

What really makes Tomlin look guilty is that his back is turned to Jones.  So you’re trying to tell me that he wasn’t paying attention?  That’s a joke.

mike tomlin jacoby jones



  1. elge says

    He was clearly on the field, had his back turned and his elbow out. I think it was on purpose and Jacoby was very polite about what happened.

  2. elge says

    oh yeah- that sly smile and snicker by Tomlin- he knew what he did- watch the end of the tape. the ref was right there too- why didn’t he call it?

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