Mike Tomlin threatens players’ jobs

After giving up 55 points during Sunday’s loss to the Patriots,  Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin is ready to bench the players that aren’t performing.

“You re-evaluate everything,” Tomlin said via the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. “You have to after a performance like that and we will. It doesn’t necessarily mean we will change or change for the sake of changing, but we will look at every aspect of what we are doing and who we are doing it with because we can’t have performances like that.”

“Those people who are lacking effort won’t be playing,” Tomlin said. “It’s just that simple. … I am angry, disappointed.”

You have to wonder if pro bowl safety Troy Polamalu’s job is safe.  As good has he’s been in the past,  he’s not the same player .



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    I have never seen such poor tackling techniques. Steeler Defenders looked so undersized compared to Patriots. Even their Offensive players can’t block, thus WR’s can’t run or open themselves for long gains. OC and Defensive coach LaBeau have to go, PERIOD! Note: Colbert needs to go as well as he is at the helm at the Draft. Pathetic last 5 years. Mendenhall, Sweeden, Hood, Adams….really?!?!?!

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    Then do it. The problem is our talent evaluators are so bad they will just bring in more below average players. . The core of the problem needs fixed [WE CAN’T DRAFT OR MAKE REASONABLE TRADES]

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