Mike Tomlin says Mike Wallace’s contract situation is bigger than him

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Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin isn’t happy that his number one receiver, Mike Wallace chose to not report to training camp on Wednesday.

While speaking with the media, Tomlin said that Wallace’s situation is bigger than him.

“Obviously Mike Wallace was not here today,” said Tomlin.  “I don’t know when he’s going to be here. Obviously we have a desire for him to be here. We want him to be a part of this thing both short-term and long-term. We’ve been in negotiations with him. He’s not here today. It’s unfortunate for him. One thing that experience has taught me is that this is bigger than all of us. It’s bigger than Mike, it’s bigger than me, so I mean that when I say it’s unfortunate for him that he’s not here.

“This group that is the Pittsburgh Steelers will continue to push on. We’ll focus our energies of readying the people who are here and when he shows up, he shows up.”

Tomlin is absolutely right, I don’t see this situation ending well for Wallace, he’ll have to report to camp before week 6 or else he’ll be a restricted free agent again next offseason.  It’s better for him to sign the tender and let his reps continue to negotiate with the Steelers.