Mike Tomlin removes games from the locker room

It sounds like Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin has figured out why his team is 0-4 heading into week six.

According to Scott Brown of ESPN.com,  Tomlin has banned games like pool and ping pong

“It makes everything focus on football right now,” said guard Roman Foster, “which is A-OK with me.”

Steelers safety Ryan Clark is OK with the new rule as well.

“Nobody is really tripping about it,” said Clark. “We understand the spirit in which it’s done in, and we’re just playing football.”

The older players like Clark and Ben Roethlisberger kept the younger players from playing games when they started out 0-2.

Tomlin was fine with rule, but it ended up dividing the locker room.

“It divided the team in a way since one set of people couldn’t do a certain thing,” said Clark. “[Tomlin] just wanted everybody to be together because we’re all in the losses together. We’re all in the business of fixing this problem together, and we didn’t want anything to divide us.”