Mike Tomlin impressed with rookie Vince Williams

Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin has been impressed so far with what he’s seen from rookie linebacker Vince Williams.

“Vince is doing a nice job, not only in play but in communication and communicating in a timely and appropriate way,” Tomlin said, per the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. “I think he’s winning the confidence of the veteran defenders from that standpoint. Obviously, there is a lot of communication that comes with that job and he’s done a nice job at that. He appears to be a natural, but we’ll continue to play he and Kion in an effort to get the best out of both until we get some clarity in terms of who is the guy that’s going to rise up and seize that spot.”

Williams has been getting some reps with the starting defense since Larry Foote went down for the season and it looks like he’s had no problem making an impact so far.

Even Lawrence Timmons likes what he saw from Williams last week.

“I thought he did real good,” Timmons said. “In the second half, he did a real good job fitting up with the run. He’s going in there, calling the defense, too. For a rookie to come in and do that, that speaks volumes.”


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    This is the kind of crap that makes me shake my head. Who cares what Timmons thinks what did he do. We need leaders, players that the other teams think about.Right now no one on the Steelers is playing at anything but a losing level. It started with Haley and the infection is running it’s coarse.Why because our coaching staff is filled with losers. And the team has taken on the identity of it’s coaching staff like all teams do.

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