Mike Tannenbaum: Trading for Tim Tebow was a mistake

tim tebow 2Former New York Jets general manager Mike Tannenbaum was a guest on The Damon Amendolara Show and admitted that trading for Tim Tebow was a mistake.

“I think some of the mistakes made were from the bottom end of our roster up,” Tannenbaum said. . “So when you lose guys like Jim Leonhard or Danny Woodhead or Jerricho Cotchery, it affects a lot of things – not just what they do on the field, but what they do in the locker room.

“Obviously we made a couple mistakes – trading for Tim Tebow most notably. But I would say beyond that, but we (could have done a better job with the bottom of our roster), especially toward the end.”

Tannebaum actually thinks Tebow will be a starter again in the NFL.

“Yeah, Tim obviously didn’t play well in the preseason with New England, but he’s a guy (that’s) incredibly passionate about his career,” Tannenbaum said. “I would never bet against Tim. We used to have an expression that Tim’s the type of guy who’s either going to be successful or die trying. His relentlessness and passion – I would think he’ll get another opportunity.”

And now we see why Tannenbaum is no longer an NFL general manager.


  • http://facebook Phil

    Tebow could play at Fla, because he was surrounded by stars, who got wide open. All Fla Qb’s have been a “bust” in the NFL. Rex Grossman is the most successful Fla Qb, to play in the NFL

  • Jets fan

    Tim Tebow is a winner he not only won college championships but he also led the Bronco’s to the playoffs. I think he deserves a real shot in the NFL.