Mike Smith: “That’s preposterous that Tony would be traded”

Everyone seems to believe that trading tight end Tony Gonzalez would make sense for the Falcons,  except head coach Mike Smith and of course Gonzalez himself.

“That’s preposterous that Tony would be traded,” Smith told ESPN.com. “He’s an integral part of our offense and has been since he’s been here. And he’s having another Hall of Fame season.

“In my mind, the last two weeks have been maybe his best two games since he’s been here. So he’s an integral part — and will continue to be — to the success we’re going to have.”

Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports believes the Falcons and Gonzalez could end up agreeing that the best thing for him would be to play for a contender for the remainder of this season since this is his last final year in the NFL.



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    I agree with Coach Smith actually. That card was played already remember?

    Everyone was saying how the Chiefs needed to trade Tony a few years ago to a contender as he deserved that.

    Now he needs to play out his final year and help his team who is short on pass catchers. Everything isn’t always a fairy tale ending.

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