Mike Shanahan not worried about his contract

Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan isn’t worried that next season is the final year of his current contract with Washington.

“I’ve got a contract for next year,” Shanahan told reporters on Wednesday.  “I’ve got a contract this year.  I’m concerned about our games.  I’ve been very lucky — I’ve been in this profession for a long time and your focus is on your job.  And I say that with all due sincerity — it’s something I do not think about.  Anytime I talk about a contract, if it’s with a player or a coach, it’s always after the season.  Once we get started, we don’t talk about it because we’ve got to focus on each game and if you don’t focus on the game you take away from what you’re trying to accomplish.”

Shanahan is a pretty smart guy.  He knows that if he focuses on his contract it won’t help his team win games and winning is the only way he sticks around in the nations capital.



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