Mike Shanahan will get $7 million to not coach the Redskins in 2014

The Washington Redskins will have to pay Mike Shanahan his 2014 salary of $7 million after firing him today.

I’m sure Shanahan laughed on his way out of Redskins Park.



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    Great what took so long. Maybe there is a chance now along as RGIII does not run the team along with his dad and coach. The Redskin have the best coaches prior and paid them big bucks. It is time for a change.
    Don’t let one player run the team. The last time I played it took 11 men playing together and messing together. Get players who want to play and not about how much money they will be paid. No franchise quarterback or franchise anything. Last year it was about someone being self centered for themselves and not a team player that is why we lost the play-off game and it has been a down hill slide that has gotten worst. Get a coach who can get down and keep the core of a good team and let the fat go and play somewhere else. We have many good players and need to drop players like the one that are not producing like Morgan, big bucks not show. We have a man with over 100 catches who plays hard but he cannot carry the receivers. Get rid of the secondary veteran players and put a simple man to man coverage with back-up for the young speed cover men. Simple is good and when you make major changes no one knows nothing and you have coverage failures. When we had Paul Krause and Pat Fisher in our secondary they stayed on their men. Is it too much to ask that today. Being a Redskin fan is very hard and I hope that the team goes back to a team and all the individuals are either traded away or cut. Look at Michael Vick, all the talent and never got there. Please go back to basics and get a coach who runs the team and does not let individual run him. Thanks. Redskin fan on hold until something good happens that I can cheer about. Team not individuals please.

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