Mike Shanahan still hasn’t denied ESPN report


Washington Redskins’ head coach (for now) Mike Shanahan had a long and honest press conference today where he talked about a lot of topics.

As pointed out by ProFootballTalk, Shanahan still hasn’t denied the ESPN report that claims the head coach wanted out of Washington last year.

“What I said is there’s always bits and pieces of an article that are true,” Shanahan told reporters.  “I’m not going to go into detail what was true about the article.  I don’t think it’s fair to the organization and I would speak to that person first before I would speak to anybody else.  But when you get partial truths — and I’m not one to say somebody is lying or this isn’t reported correctly — but I’ve heard that my whole life. I think everybody in this room knows that I don’t talk to anybody off the record.”

Shanahan only confirmed the report with that statement alone in my opinion. Either way, his days in Washington are definitely numbered. Unfortunately for Shanahan, it only took a year for him to get his (alleged) wish.