Mike Shanahan says no one in NFL history has played on RG3’s level

Washington Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan believes that rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III is on his own level and no one in NFL history has ever been where he is.

“I don’t think anybody in the history of the league has played at his level,” Shanahan said, per ProFootballTalk.com. “At least over the last 40 years, when I take a look at the numbers and what he has done, I don’t think anybody has played at his level. As we’ve talked about before, he’s got a unique skill set — his ability to throw, drop back, play action, put a threat on a defense with his running ability — and he will just get better and better. He’s just scratching the surface. And the reason I say that is because he works at it.”

The impression that I get from Shanahan’s comments is that Griffin can become the greatest player to ever play the game of football.  I would really love to know how he’s come to this conclusion with Griffin only having 14 NFL games under his belt.  Sounds like Shanny is over hyping RG3 just a bit.




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