Mike Shanahan: RG3, Kaepernick won’t be great drop-back passers overnight

Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan told reporters in the Bay-Area that both Robert Griffin III and Colin Kaepernick aren’t going to become great drop-back passers overnight.

“If you’re talking about Robert or if you’re talking about a guy like Kaepernick, everybody comes from different (college) systems and when you go to the National Football League and you’re working with a drop-back passing game and you haven’t done a lot of that, it takes some repetition,” Shanahan said via 49ers.com. “Whoever has been in those shoes realizes that it doesn’t happen overnight. It takes practice, it takes repetition, going against different coverages, understanding the strength and weaknesses and just becoming more comfortable in passing situations.”

Shanahan likes what he’s seen from Kaepernick.

“You can see what a great arm he has and what great speed he has… and he seems like a natural leader. It just takes a while. Every year is a learning experience,” Shanahan said. “Defenses will always catch up to a guy, but that repetition is going to get him more comfortable with some situations.

“You can see what a bright future he does have because his arm strength, his ability to make plays with his legs. I like what I see.”

Shanahan is absolutely right.  The only reason he had RG3 running the read-option last season is because teams weren’t ready for it and Griffin wasn’t ready to run a prototypical NFL offense.

Next season will be pivotal for both Griffin and Kaepernick.

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