Mike Shanahan claims official told him it was 1st down even though it was 3rd down

Redskins-1st-DownThe NFL officiating crew led by Jeff Triplette really messed up during Sunday night’s game against the Giants.

As you can see from the photo above,  Triplette ruled that the Redskins got enough for a first down on a pass completion to Pierre Garcon.  The only problem is that the rest of the crew wasn’t on the same page.  Check out the linesman on the bottom of the photo above holding up three fingers, which is a signal for third down.  You can get a closer look here.

Since the Redskins thought they had a first down, even though it was third down,  they elected to throw the ball to Garcon, but he ended up getting the ball stripped by Giants safety Will Hill, which in turn ended the ball game.

After the game,  Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan told the media that he was told it was a first down.

Now in my opinion the blunder by Triplette’s crew didn’t cost the Skins the game since Garcon lost the ball on the next play already.




  • Anonymous

    Actually they ran a play thinking they had a first down, a long pass down field. Then they were forced to run a second short play after being told it was now 4th down. If the officials had not blown the call, and moved the chains, they most likely would have called different plays. 1st and 10, trying to score, you try and move the ball down field. 3rd and inches you go for the 1st down first.