Mike Pettine’s daughter “mortified” that her tweet went viral

The daughter of new Browns head coach Mike Pettine learned a very valuable lesson.  When you’re linked to someone that is famous or well known,  anything you say or do will be held against you.

Prior to being hired by the Browns,  Pettine’s daughter Megan posted the tweet below.



It’s not like she completely dogged the Browns (no pun intended), but it was obvious she wasn’t thrilled.

It sounds like Megan did in fact learn a big lesson after her tweet went viral.

“She was mortified,” Pettine said via ESPN.com. “Called me hysterically crying one day after it happened.”

“She learned a very valuable lesson in the power of social media,” he said.

Pettin mentioned that his daughter was raised partially in Baltimore “where she was trained to not be a Browns fan.”

“So I hope that we can give her a little leniency that way,” he said.

I’m glad Megan learned something from this experience and to be honest I hope young people learn to respect social media because if they don’t it will only continue to hurt them down the road.


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