Mike Pettine admits he spoke with Johnny Manziel about his off the field life

johnny manzielBrowns head coach Mike Pettine told Nate Ulrich of the Akron Beacon-Journal during a Q&A that he’s spoken to rookie quarterback Johnny Manziel about his off the field life.

Q: You haven’t addressed the media since Manziel’s “money phone” video created a stir.

A: “I’m not sure because it was brought up to me and I don’t know the answer, but somebody told me that picture was old.”

Q: It was a video.

A: “Oh, it was from a video. I don’t know when the video was taken. But somebody said to me that that was from a while ago, like maybe even as far back as his freshman year [at Texas A&M], and I didn’t really study the picture to know how young he looks in it. I was told, I don’t know if it’s true, that that was an older thing.”

Q: What about the photo of him rolling money in a bathroom that surfaced online earlier this month? Is that a concern?

A: “He and I have discussed it, but I don’t want to go into details of the conversation, and I don’t want to get into commenting on individual photos. I think this should be minimal once the season starts. His history hasn’t been that he’s partying like that during the season.”

Q: ESPN reported the team told Manziel to tone it down off the field. Is that accurate?

A: “I’ve talked to him. I don’t think I used the phrase ‘tone it down.’ I don’t want to get into specifics of the conversation, but I’m comfortable with where we are and what we’ve talked about and I’m comfortable heading into training camp that he knows where I stand.”

Q: So you don’t think Manziel’s partying is going to be an ongoing issue?

A: “Yeah, moving forward, once we get into the season, I feel good that way. I know players are going to go out during the season, but I doubt it’ll be to the extent that we’ve seen.”

Q: How did Manziel respond to your message?

A: “It was a positive conversation.”