Mike Mularkey says Maurice Jones-Drew is questionable to play this week

Jacksonville Jaguars running back Maurice Jones-Drew has been out since week seven and might play this week, according to head coach Mike Mularkey.

“I can tell you this: Based on his position and what he has to do, this kind of injury is different than for maybe a lineman,” Mularkey said. “Everybody is different with their pain tolerance. I can’t compare him to anybody else because I don’t know how he’s feeling. Some guys come back from torn ACLs [Minnesota’s Adrian Peterson] and lead the league in rushing; some guys take longer to come back.”

Mularkey said Jones-Drew will be worked out Tuesday to gauge his progress and labeled him as “questionable” to play Sunday against New England.

“Obviously we would like to have him back because he’s a special back [at] full go or almost at full go,” Mularkey said.

I’m not sure why the Jaguars would bother having Jones-Drew play with only two games left in the season that won’t extend into the playoffs.