Mike McCarthy won’t commit to a starting quarterback for Thursday

Even though Matt Flynn came in and played a solid game, ┬áPackers head coach Mike McCarthy won’t commit to him as his Thanksgiving day starter.

“I don’t have [an answer] for you,” said McCarthy. via ESPN.com.

McCarthy also said he had “no idea” if Rodgers will be ready for Thanksgiving.

“We need to sit down as a staff, frankly, and talk about the things that went on today and how that affects our planning for Detroit,” McCarthy said. “Just like we always do when we step away from the staff room, we’ll do what’s in the best interests of our football team and gives us the best chance to win.”

A report came out on Sunday that the Packers are hopeful Rodgers will start on Thursday.

We’ll have to wait an see what happens.

  • Anonymous

    it would be nice to have rodgers for thursdays game, but starting flynn would be the smart thing to do!!!!