Mike McCarthy high on Jarrett Boykin

Packers head coach Mike McCarthy really likes wide receiver Jarrett Boykin and was impressed by what he did in 2013.

“I’m as high on Boykin as anybody in our building,” McCarthy said via the Milwaukee Journal-Sentniel. “He had a heck of a year, and I still think he has another jump in him.”

McCarhty continued to rave about Boykin.

“He’s a tough guy and his own man,” said McCarthy. “If you could spend more time around him in a one-on-one setting, you would go, ‘Wow. OK. I see what you’re saying.’

“I’ve always liked Jarrett. I’ve always felt he had it.”

The 24 year-old Boykin had 49 catches for 681 yards and 3 touchdowns last season.

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