Mike Jenkins says the Cowboys had a “personal vendetta” against him

Former Cowboys and current Raiders cornerback Mike Jenkins told the Dallas Morning News that he’s happy in Oakland, but he’s still bitter with Dallas after the way things ended with them last season.  He was asked if he’s regained the swagger that helped him become a Pro Bowl player with the Cowboys

“My swagger and my confidence never left. My last few years in Dallas had nothing to do with swagger,” Jenkins said. “It was more of a personal vendetta that was going on around there, and I don’t care too much to talk about it.”

Of course Jenkins was asked to talk about the personal vendetta more, but he called it “pointless” to “bring up old fire.”

He was then asked if he was envious of Orlando Scandrick.

“Why would I be envious of Orlando?” Jenkins said. “That’s like one of my best friends. I would never be envious of Orlando Scandrick. First of all, I came in on top. I came in as a first-round draft pick. There’s no reason for me to be envious.”


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