Might make sense for the Bears to cut Brian Urlacher


Rich Telander of the Chicago Sun-Times made a case that it might not make sense for the Bears to keep linebacker Brian Urlacher, but maybe they should release him if they don’t believe he’s going to be the same after last season’s knee injury in order to free up a bunch of cap space.

“That Saturday, Sept. 8, is the last day the Bears could release Urlacher and be off the hook for his $7.5 million 2012 salary. Keep him until Sunday and they owe him everything,” wrote Telander.

Telander is write, committing so much money to a 34-year old linebacker with knee issues might not be wise.

“But $7.5 million is a lot of cap space. It’s money that can’t go to free agents. It’s money that can’t be used to tie up quarterback Jay Cutler for more years.

“People, this is a bottom-line business. If the 34-year-old Urlacher can’t regain his speed and sideline-to-sideline range and his drop-back quickness, he becomes a very nostalgia-laden, shiny-headed cheerleader,” wrote Telander.