Michael Vick’s flak jacket maker guarantees he won’t get injured

Photo by ESPN’s Sports Nation

The creator of the Kevlar flak jacket that Eagles quarterback Michael Vick will be wearing to protect his ribs is now guaranteeing that he won’t get injured and that he’ll be fully protected.

“I guarantee he will not get hurt,” Rob Vito, CEO of Unequal Technologies, told ESPN.com.

“I’m looking forward to it … to give me more protection and just to see what comes out of it,” Vick told the Philadelphia Daily News after Tuesday’s practice. “It’s going to be custom-fitted and fitted to protect all across my sternum, across my ribs. I think it’ll be a better fit.”

“Unequal Technologies, a 3-year-old Pennsylvania-based company, uses what Vito says is a military-grade, battle-tested composite material that has DuPont Kevlar to protect athletes from on-field injuries,” wrote ESPN.com.

The only problem with the flak jacket is that it can’t cover the rest of Vick’s body.  He already has a hand injury and is prone to injuring any other part of his body as well.  He’s a fragile player that needs to play inside a bubble.