Michael Vick was “surprised” that his comments created a stir

We know that Philadelphia Eagles’ quarterback Michael Vick doesn’t like the current quarterback competition he is in and has expressed his desire to have head coach Chip Kelly pick a starter. Today at his teammate’s football camp Vick once again spoke about the reaction to his comments.

Via Birds 24/7 Vick said he was “very surprised” at the reaction to his comments.

I was very surprised because I didn’t try to say it in a derogatory way where I felt like Coach should make a decision or there’s pressure on him to make a decision,” Vick said. “I was just asked a question, and I answered it the best way that I could. But Coach is totally involved in our team and what we’ve got going on and what needs to be done. Like I said, we’re all going to sit back and make sure that we do exactly what he asks us to do, regardless of who’s out there on the field.

While some believe that Vick will be the favorite to win the job, it’s not a sure thing. Last year Matt Flynn was the favorite to be the starter for the Seattle Seahawks before Russell Wilson came in and took the job. Remember that Vick was benched last year in favor of Nick Foles.

Whoever wins the job will have a lot of pressure because they know if they start struggling in Kelly’s new offense, there will be the other player right there waiting to take the job.


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