Michael VIck trying to help incarcerated children through sports

michael vick

According to TMZ, Eagles quarterback Michael Vick is in Washington D.C. to meet with a congressman in order to help incarcerated children through sports.

The Philadelphia Eagles QB got together with Rep. John Lewis from Georgia to push Team Freedom Outreach — a charity that recruits volunteers to play sports with children who are incarcerated.

Vick says he’s passionate about TFO because, “Many of these children who are incarcerated receive no visitors.

“He adds, “Team Freedom Outreach gives them positive mentorship. It shows these kids that somebody cares. It helps them make a plan.”

This is great news.  Vick clearly understands how important second chances are in life.


  1. Pocketrocket says

    According to the Bible, the only to defeat haters is to show Love and Humility. Vick haters keep spewinng out the same old lines which are getting weaker by the minute.

    Keep up the good work Vick. You only have to do for one person that cares a lot and will support, guide, and teach you for the rest of your life..Jesus.

    Good job!!!

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