Michael Vick says Chip Kelly taught him how to properly hold a football

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick told PhillyMag.com that head coach Chip Kelly showed him how to hold a football.

“Chip told me how to run with the football the other day,” Vick said. “He taught me how to run with the football and how to carry the football, and I think it’s something that you just have to work on.”

Kelly knocked the football right out of Vick’s hands.

“The other day, I broke out in the pocket, and the first thing Chip told me was to tuck the football,” Vick said. “So I showed him how I was running with it, and he looked at it and he knocked the ball right out of my hands. And he was like, ‘Hold it like this.’ And what he told me felt comfortable. I had a tighter grip on the football. That should secure that problem as long as I work on it. Like I said, you’re always a work in progress, and even when you think you know it all, sometimes you don’t. The people who feel like they know everything, they don’t.”

Hopefully Kelly’s lesson will help Vick, who looked like he was donating the football to opposing defenses during the 2012 season.