Michael Vick says Andy Reid has been a father figure to him

AP Photo

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick says head coach Andy Reid has filled a void in his life and has become a father figure to him.

“I can say that while coach has been in my presence, while I’ve been here, he’s been a sort of father figure,” Vick told NFL.com, as the Eagles went through their final day at Lehigh. “(As) a father figure, you’re mentoring someone, anyone you care about, you’re gonna tell them the right things to do, the correct way to do things at the right time, and give them advice when they need it. And that person needs to be open and easy to talk to. That’s a father figure.

“I can honestly say he’s been the substitute for the man in my life that I don’t have right now. It’s great, because I really don’t have too many people to lean on.”

Reid acknowledged that he’s close to Vick.

“I mean, I’m close with him. I understand that. It’s obviously humbling, because is a good kid,” Reid said. “When you go through certain things with certain people in your life, you become very close to them. He knows I’ll always be there for him, to help him out. That doesn’t mean I’m not gonna coach him hard or do those things, but I’ll always be there for him.”