Michael Vick not looking to change the way he plays


Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick told USA Today that he’s getting healthier after injuring his ribs on Monday.  He also made it clear that he doesn’t plan on changing the way he plays the game of football.

“I’m trying to do the best I can. I can only do what I can do,” Vick said Thursday. “I’m feeling better. Hanging in there. Trying to make it to September 9.”

“I just let everything happen in that moment. I can’t go to the line dictating what I’m going to do,” he says. “I can’t go to the line trying to predict everything that I’m going to do. That would hurt you’re game a little bit, because I might miss somebody getting open. I have to go through my progressions to the best of my abilities.”

I understand what Vick is saying, but if he doesn’t change his game, his career will be over quicker than he can imagine.

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