Michael Vick might play next week

In Sunday’s game versus the New York Giants, Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick left the game with an apparent hamstring injury but the Eagles would still win as backup quarterback Nick Foles came in an stabilized the offense by throwing two touchdowns.

After today’s game, Vick said “The coaches understood, why have me in the game when I’m not 100 percent when you have a healthy quarterback on the sideline?” Smart move by Kelly to keep Vick on the sidelines as obviously he wasn’t capable of using his legs to run the offense.

But Vick also said “Yeah, I would have gone in and just made sure I could sustain for the team.” This would be if Foles had got injured also in today’s game but thankfully he didn’t.

The question is now will Vick start next week versus the Tampa Buccaneers? If he can’t, the Eagles are more than comfortable with putting Nick Foles in to start. Vick also told reporters that he has had this kind of injury before and missed one week.┬áMichael Vick is set to have a MRI on Monday.

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