Michael Vick doesn’t back down from dynasty comment

Getty Images

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick recently said that he believes they have the chance to become a dynasty.

On Sunday, Vick was asked about his comment and didn’t shy away, by reiterating that he remains very confident in his team.

“That’s just me speaking out of confidence, and I think if you ask my teammates they’ll tell you the same thing, that they feel the same way,” Vick said shortly after arriving at Lehigh for the start of training camp. “As a quarterback that’s just how I feel. You’ve got to speak it into existence. You gotta aim to shoot for the stars, and if you miss at least you’ll be amongst them, and … I think that’s gotta be our mind-set. But it all starts on the practice field. It all starts right now, it all starts here and that’s going out and putting in the hard work and the effort to get there.”

It’s great that Vick is confident in his team, but at least win a playoff game first, nevermind thinking of becoming a dynasty, which would take multiple Super Bowl wins.