Michael Vick blames the media for making him change the way he plays

michael vick

Eagles quarterback Michael Vick blames thee media for making him change the way he plays the game of football.

“I think you got to take on a certain mindset that you’re going play the game all out,” Vick said, via Philly.com. “If you go into a football game not wanting to get hurt or trying not to get hurt, it doesn’t allow you to play the way you want to play.” Vick injured his head, hand, and ribs last season. He missed five games due to a concussion last season. “You guys act like I get hurt once a week,” Vick said to reporters with a media. “You all did that to me. Made me change the way I played the game.”

I really like Vick, but it’s funny that he blames the media, since he’s never changed the way he’s played the game.  If he did change he probably would have played an entire 16-game regular season by now.


  • paco martinez

    If Mike Vick played ‘the way he wanted to play’ —
    –he’d probably strap a pit bull dog to his helmet with bungee cords to help MINIMIZE the chance of a head injury. LOL