Michael Vick autograph signing canceled after organizer received death threats

According to CBS 21 News,  a Michael Vick autograph signing was canceled at Buffalo Wild Wings after the owners of JJ Cards N Toys received death threats for hosting the event.

Joe Bartolo told me this afternoon the signing was postponed after he claims death threats were made against him, his wife Jamie — the owners of JJ Cards N Toys — and their family for organizing Vick’s appearance in October at a local Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant. Those making the threats were upset the Bartolos would bring Vick to the area.  Vick served 18 months in federal prison for running an illegal dogfighting ring. Bartolo told me thousands of threats were coming in from all the country. He even had to shut down the store’s Facebook page.

About 70 people had purchased tickets for the signing.

Bartolo is thinking about holding a private signing, finding a different location or canceling the signing all together.

It’s sad that people will threaten someone’s life because they’re hosting an event for someone who served time in prison for killing dogs.  Can you say double standard and crazy?

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