Michael Vick admits he never paid attention during fumbling drills

Now we know why Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick had such a hard time holding onto the football last season.  He admitted to PhillyMag.com that he never paid attention during fumbling drills.

“As crazy as it may sound, I never carried the football correctly. And that’s partly my fault because my coaches always got everybody in a circle and did a four-points-of-pressure drill, and I never paid attention, thought I was doing it right. Now I know how to hold it. It feels comfortable, it’s tight, so I’m just trying to challenge myself each and every day and that’s what I’m doing.”

The good news is that Vick is finally paying attention and learning how to properly carry a football.



  1. wow really says

    “It’s partly my fault I never paid attention when coach was specifically teaching us how not to fumble”. So at what point does it become totally his fault?

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