Michael Sam needs to focus on football and nothing else

michael samLet me get this out of the way right now.  I don’t dislike Michael Sam,  nor do i care if he’s gay and nor do I care what he wants to do in his personal time.  But there are some things that I’m simply confused about.

The first thing that has me scratching my head when it comes to Sam is that he used his platform as the first gay NFL prospect to bring further attention to himself.  He allowed ESPN to plant a film crew in his living room this past Saturday and watch him as he waited to see if he would get drafted.

Now I understand Sam’s situation is totally different since he was the first openly gay player to enter the NFL Draft.  But I’m confused because I thought gay people want to be treated equally in this country (which they should be).  If they do, I don’t believe  they should welcome the extra attention the way Sam has in his situation.

This leads me to Sam now doing a docuseries with the Oprah Winfrey Network after he just told the media on Tuesday that he only wants to be focused on football and being great in the NFL.  Well that focus must have lasted less then a day since OWN announced their deal with Sam.

“I will support all equality,” Sam said. “It doesn’t have to be just about gay rights. Right now I am focused on football. I will always support equality. Period. My job right now is to focus on football and making this team so I can help win championships.”

Then this…

If Sam really wants to be great and focus on playing football,  he needs to do so and not worry about doing a docuseries’.