Michael Sam: I should have been drafted in the first three rounds

New Rams defensive end Michael Sam believes he should have been drafted within the first three rounds. instead of the 7th round.

“From last season alone, I should’ve been in the first three rounds. SEC Defensive Player of the Year, All-American,” Sam said, per CBS St. Louis.

The frustration mounted for Sam as the hours and rounds passed by, but he felt he would be picked.

“I knew I was going to get picked somewhere. Every team that passed me, I was thinking how I’m going to sack their quarterback,” Sam said.

Before Sam came out and admitted he’s gay,  he was projected as a late-round pick that might not even get drafted.  He’s lucky the Rams took him.

  • Mama Jama

    And I should be a member of the United States Supreme Court. We don’t always get what we want. Isn’t it a shame that he is not grateful for having been drafted? Is he even AWARE that there were talented individuals that were overlooked and weren’t even drafted? Not impressed.

  • Footballfan

    He scored much lower than quite a few undrafted free agents. Had he not “announced” he was gay, he would have went undrafted and possibly unsigned even as a free agent. I will be shocked if he ever plays. They won’t be able to cut him. Not impressed with him at all.

    • OKCupcake

      I laughed when I saw the footage of his combine. He was lucky to get drafted at all. I am convinced that if he had kept quiet about being gay he would not have been drafted at all.