Michael Robinson questions the Seahawks veteran leadership

Former Seahawks fullback Michael Robinson is starting wonder how Seattle’s locker room will do this season with some of their key veterans now gone.

“My question for the Seahawks this year is … there’s a lot of young guys in that locker room with new money,” Robinson said on the latest Dave Dameshek Football Program, via NFL.com. “When issues come up in the locker room, who is the veteran that settles it? I mean, last year you had guys like Red Bryant, Chris Clemons, myself that they can rely on.

“Things come up, ‘Hey guys — stop doing that! Hey, you go over there, you go over there, and it’s over. No more.’ And guys would stop. Right now, guys have gotten paid, you know what I mean? Guys have got egos, you know what I mean? That’s just only natural with money, and they have to watch against that in the locker room, and that’s something that (coach) Pete (Carroll) can’t see — their offices are upstairs. They just have to keep a close watch on it.”

Robinson admits the Seahawks have vocal leaders.

“Richard (Sherman’s) a great counselor — he’s a guy that I even confide in with certain issues — but again, he’s still very young,” said Robinson. “You just can’t add years to him — you can’t add vested years to him. He’s just so young, again. There are guys in that locker room that are older. I mean you look at big Kevin Williams — I think they have the big d-tackle there now. I mean, he’s a guy, that I would think, they would delegate that role to. But other than that, Cliff Avril’s probably the next oldest guy — what, now, seven years? I mean, that’s not that old.”

This is a big problem that every great team runs into.  This is why it’s so hard to repeat as a Super Bowl champion in the NFL.