Michael Robinson: Aaron Rodgers’ top-100 ranking was “generous”

Former Seahawks fullback Michael Robinson says that Aaron Rodgers 11th overall ranking in the NFL Network’s top-100 players of 2013 was “generous.”

  • holmesmd

    Hilarious. #12 is the BEST QB currently in the NFL, period. He is in the prime of his career and younger than Brady or Manning. He has a stronger, more accurate arm than anyone in the NFL. He can run faster than any star NFL QB except for possibly Wilson and Kaperdick. His football IQ is off the charts. There is no other QB in the NFL that most any fan of football in general would take before him. Oh I forgot, he almost never turns the ball over and is the most consistent QB in the NFL week in and week out. Injury last season or not, he should certainly be in the top 5!

    Compare Mr. Robinson’s career to that of #12 and you will conclude that one must merely consider the source. He’s certainly entitled to his opinion but I think the guy is smoking something he should share with the rest of us?;)