Michael Irvin: Michael Vick can’t be that stupid to want to keep running

michael vick 2

We reported this week that Eagles quarterback Michael Vick plans on running a lot more this season and isn’t worried about getting injured.

Former Cowboys wide receiver Michael Irvin can’t believe how “stupid” Vick is.

“It’s stupid,” Irvin said, via The Sporting News. “You cannot be this stupid. You cannot be this dumb. It’s impossible. Your [butt] has been hurt every year. Stop putting your body on the line like that.”

Irvin says there’s a time and a place to dive as a quarterback.

“The only time you do it—when John Elway did it in the Super Bowl. That’s it,” Irvin said. “When the Super Bowl game is on the line, and it’s third-and-whatever and you need that first down, you stick your head in there. Other than that, anywhere else, you slide and give it up.”

I agree with Irvin,  I don’t understand what makes Vick want to run when he can’t stay healthy for an entire season.


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