Michael Crabtree’s days in San Francisco numbered?

michael crabtree 3Tony Pauline of DraftInsider.net first reported last week that the 49ers might end up letting Michael Crabtree walk in free agency next offseason.

Matt Barrows of the Sacramento Bee believes Crabtree’s days in the Bay Area could soon be over.

If the 49ers had traded up for a wide receiver in the first round – something GM Trent Baalke acknowledged contemplating – I was prepared to write the sentence: The 49ers’ move ahead for _________ may signal that they don’t intend to sign Michael Crabtree to a long-term extension. Crabtree, of course, is entering the final year of his rookie deal. The 49ers didn’t trade up. In fact, they didn’t draft a wideout until the fourth round (Bruce Ellington). But they traded for veteran Stevie Johnson, who is signed through the next three seasons at salaries that are lower – perhaps significantly lower – than what Crabtree will want. The bottom line: The 49ers’ trade for Johnson may signal that they don’t intend to sign Michael Crabtree to a long-term extension.

  • Lexus Nexus

    I would love to see the Niners get rid of Crabtree. He has always been overrated. This is a man who held out when he was drafted, believing that he was worth a certain amount of money before he set one foot in the NFL. No class, no character, no integrity, and pretty damn ignorant-sounding. Stands to reason that when the team needed him most, he failed miserably. He’s a loser, not a winner. A far superior talent and true student of the game, Richard Sherman called Crabtree a “sorry” Receiver, and proved this by shutting him down when it counted most. He’s absolutely right about this prima donna. He’s the type of man who is great in his own mind. Giving him the boot is a significant step in the right direction. It should not be hard to find Receivers who are far more talented, better team players, and hungrier. The Crabtree investment has been a bust.