Michael Bennett wants to be paid like one of the top pass rushers in the NFL

Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett told SiriusXM NFL Radio’s Keith Bulluck and Bruce Murray that he wants to paid like one of the top pass rushers in the NFL.

Bulluck asked Bennett if $5 million a year would be enough money.

“That would be taking a pay cut, to me,” Bennett replied.  “I had to prove myself as a player back to back years.  Basically I took a one year deal the year before, did a first round tender in Tampa, so I definitely just want to be paid, you know, I’m not trying to be the highest paid guy but I want to be compensated with the top guys.”

Bennett was asked if anyone from the Seahawks organization has spoken with him about getting a new contract done.

“Yeah, yeah.  John, Pete [Carroll], all those guys,” he said.  “Everybody in the organization, they told me that they want me to stay here, I was exactly what they were looking for, a guy that can play in and out and play multiple positions.  This defense, you’re going to have guys that play multiple positions because it is so interchanging where everybody has to be able to play different spots at different times in different situations.  And that’s what they are looking for and they said that they wanted to keep me.  So, definitely, if the offer is there I definitely want to stay around.  And this is a great organization.”